From time to time I get asked questions about the painting materials I use...

This will be an updated list of my favorite supplies.


An art blogging group out of the UK put together a lot of useful information on oil paint and oil paint manufacturing companies:




Below is my the colors on my palette, and extra colors. It is also the order I put them on my palette (from right to left).

This is my full palette... Sometimes  I go with a limited palette, especially when painting outside.


Utrecht White (titanium/ zinc mix) , or Gamblin, Zinc \ titanium mix,   is what I use the most.


I sometimes mix a little quick dry white with my white to speed drying.


Quick Dry White - GamblinAlkyd White - Winsor Newton, or any brand of alkyd or quick dry white works well.



Colors: Below are the brand names I use, always changing, most companies make great paints. Use what you have, or are familiar with how they mix.


Naples Yellow Italian- Williamsburg

Cadmium Yellow medium - Utrecht

Cadmium Yellow Lemon - Utrecht

India Yellow- Gamblin

Cadmium Orange -Utrecht

Cadmium Red Deep - Winsor Newton/ Utrecht / Rembrandt

Permanent Madder Deep - Rembrandt, or Alizarin Permanent - Gamblin

Perylene Red - Gamblin                     

Venetian Red - Gamblin

Yellow Ocher - Winsor Newton

Emerald Green- Gamblin

Phthalo Green Yellow Shade - Gamblin

Ultramarine Blue - Old Holland/ Gamblin

Prussian Blue - Gamblin

Ivory (bone) Black - Gamblin (or any brand)




Thalo Red Rose - Grumbacher

Old Holland Scheveningen Violet





I use Prussian blue and Perylene to make my transparent blacks, but also started using Ivory (Bone) Black.


Medium: I am experimenting with a mixing medium to make my paints flow. my current mix is:

Equal parts OMS & Linseed Oil, or triple rectified turpentine and linseed oil (Sargent's favorite), outside.

My favorite dryer/medium in the studio, is Winsor Newton Liquin...

Only on the first thin Underpainting layers.



Chungking soft bristle brushes , daVinci Chungking Maestro (5023) …

I also like the larger sizes of the daVinci and Utrecht bristle brushes- extra wide flat spalters.

Robert Simons Signet Bristle Brushes, Silver Brush Limited /Grand Prix Bristle Brushes, Utrecht series 219, Da Vinci Maestro Bristle brushes


Trekell Brushes and soap, I love the Legion Synthetic mongoose brushes... the best I have found

I clean my brushes with  Trekell Linseed Oil Soap

or Richard's linseed oil soap


Trekell Brushes

My new favorite brushes are the Trekell Spectrum and the Golden Taklon. I like the rounds of the Golden taklon and all the Spectrum, especially the filberts.


Legion Sybthetic Mongoose brushes

I use: flats, brights, rounds and filberts.

I like the Mongoose brushes, and all the brushes, by Rosemary & CO., England, very nice brushes and are a fair price. 

i also love their ivory series, especially the rounds.



Painting surfaces:

i like experimenting with different painting surfaces, from the very smooth, to the very rough, textured to glassy, absorbent to slippery.

trying new painting materials will get you out of your comfort zone and  will foster new techniques.

Claessens #15 D.P. linen.

I also use: Claessens single primed linen #29 (rough texture).

I have smooth panels made for me by dale Vigent, at Vigent custom finishes. three coats of hyper ground Italian acrylic finish.

*New - Arches Oil Paper

For my panels, I mount the canvas (or paper), on 1/8-1/4 inch birch plywood, Foamboard or Gatorboard, using miracle muck from.

I use gatorboard from:    and

You can buy the boards pre-made in most online stores like ASW, Jerry's, Dick Blick, and by three companies listed below:

linen or/ canvas on 1/8th or 1/4  birch panels:

Judson's art outfitters you buy the glue for mounting panels at this site. linen or/ canvas on Masonite®:


Dick Blick



When stretching canvas, i use upper Canada stretchers :


For transporting paintings, especially overseas, I use two different panel carriers.

RayMar 12x16 multi size carrier:


And  my favorite  PanelPak 

I have one of almost every size.

Usually when I go out painting, I need only two panels which makes these perfect.


I try almost every new paint box out there and have made, or have made, some that I love.



 I use a Gloucester style easel, by take it easel,


My rig since 2014:

...and a new box that I designed, and was built by Sam Breed.




or my open box m, designed by Mike Maier


In my studio I use a Hughes's Easel 3000


I use Gamsol (Gamblin)- odorless mineral spirits:

I varnish my paintings with  Gamvar (Gamblin):